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Moving to a new area can be challenging, but discovering preferred businesses shouldn't be!

That's where BeLocal Grove City comes in - a program dedicated to introducing new homeowners and current residents, in the Southwest Columbus area, to preferred local businesses, quick access to local favorites, and community happenings.

With the support of N2 Company and an amazing team, Trent and Michele Soles have dedicated themselves to building unity in the community along side local businesses who desire to serve local residents with quality goods and services.

If you're a local business owner looking to connect with new homeowners,

reach out to BeLocal today to see how you can qualify for this exciting opportunity.

"Companies desire to be easily discovered, top rated, and locally preferred,

while local residents simply want to find preferred companies who will serve them well."



BeLocal helps the latest homebuyers make a “smooth landing” in their new hometown.

Belocal shares local tips on what to do, where to go, and which preferred companies to turn to, in several important ways.

If you are a local business, don’t miss the opportunity to be introduced to these new movers and current residents the way they want to be reached.